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Business Services

Corporate and Partnership Taxes

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of federal, state and local tax filings required of you on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis: Sales & Use tax returns, Payroll tax returns, State Unemployment tax returns; Personal Property tax returns, Quarterly Income tax returns, Privilege Tax returns, Business Licenses? You may feel like you need a full time employee to figure out what taxes you are subject to, how to fill out the returns, where to file them, and when they are due. When are you suppose to actually do the work that makes you money? We can help you make sense of all this so you can go back to what you are in business to do.

Our fees for the business tax returns are based upon the value of the services performed and the time required by the individuals assigned to the engagement. We will provide an up front estimate to you prior to starting our work based on information we gather from you about your tax situation and certain assumptions we make about your cooperation and assistance in gathering the necessary information. Quotes will always be honored given the accuracy of all information gathered from you and assumptions made by us to provide the quote. Additionally, we realize clients occasionally need to call or email us with questions that require quick, concise responses. We believe you should feel comfortable contacting us throughout the year without fear of excessive fees. Therefore, we never charge for routine questions or requests.

Management Advisory Services

Key functions in any business are those performed by the controller or chief financial officer (CFO). Larger companies always use controllers and CFO’s to control important and sensitive financial and accounting aspects of the business. Unfortunately, smaller companies don’t have the resources to fill these key positions and these functions have been performed by the owner or have been delegated to untrained staff.

We can provide the essential services of the controller and / or the CFO without having to be on the payroll, saving you thousands in salary, employment taxes, and benefits. You will determine how much or how little help you need and define our relationship based on your individual needs. This will allow you to be proactive in managing your business year-round rather than simply reacting at the end of the year.

Full Back Office Support (FBOS) and Bookkeeping

Full Back Office Support (FBOS) – Larger companies have entire accounting departments to handle all the important and sensitive financial and accounting aspects of their business. Unfortunately, smaller companies don’t have the resources to fill these key positions and these functions end up being performed by the owner or are delegated to untrained staff.  We can provide these essential services without having to be on the payroll.

Outsource all your day-to-day accounting tasks, freeing you and your staff to focus on your business. We pay your daily bills, record your daily deposits, and reconcile your bank and credit card statement giving you access to your accounting information 24/7.  We’ll also process your payroll and payroll tax filing, prepare your property and sales tax returns, provide professional financial statements, and provide an individual and business income tax planning check-up each year.  While we are at it, we’ll go ahead and file your W-2s, and 1099s, too.

FBOS Light – Don’t need all the services above in FBOS? No problem… We’ve got you covered. You can continue to pay your bills and record your daily deposits and expenses. We will just support you by maintaining your Quickbooks file securely off-site and answering your bookkeeping questions throughout the period.  At the end of the month, quarter or year, we will review your file and ensure your accounting data is organized and reliable, accounts are reconciled and we’ll prepare your financial statements for better business management.

Payroll – Outsourcing this function is a no-brainer.  It is cost effective, saves you valuable time, and relieves you of all the stress involved in staying compliant with the changing legal requirements involved in paying yourself and your employees.

Just like people, every business is different and has it’s own needs.  There is no one solution that meets the needs of everyone.  The services listed above may not be an exact fit.  You may have specific needs such as just doing monthly account reconciliations or just filing your sales tax returns.  Lets talk so we can determine exactly what you need and build a solution custom fit for you.  Whatever the task, we are sure we can take it off your plate at a fee that is less than what your time is worth.

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